She was in her PAJAMAS?? REALLY???

Everyone laughed when I walked on stage wearing my PJ’s….
 ….. but they stopped laughing and started LISTENING when I told them that in under 3 years, I earned over $500,000 wearing those very same pajamas – speaking virtually from home.

Dear Future Global Messenger,

I know.

Making $500,000 in under 3 years – while wearing pajamas – sounds a little crazy.  

But I did it.  And if I can do it, you can too.

And I did it following my calling and my heart.

Maybe you have a calling too.  You hear it in bed at night…driving in your car…working at your “real” job…at the least convenient times.

It tells you how EXTREMELY IMPORTANT it is for you to get your message out to the world. 

So maybe you’ve taken a few steps to try to put that calling to work. 

But instead of finding peace and prosperity, you find yourself asking why…

  • If my message is so important, why is bringing it to the world so hard?
  • Why am I putting forth such BIG efforts for such a SMALL return?
  • Why should I do this now, rather than wait for the “right” time (like after my kids go off to school, or after “enough” money suddenly materializes in my bank account)?
  • Why should I answer my calling if it might get in the way of my “normal” life with my family and friends and totally overwhelm me? 

The fact is, if you’re like most people, nobody ever told you HOW to be a Global Messenger.

Nobody gave you the tools you need to reach out and connect with the MILLIONS of people around the world who are waiting to hear – who NEED to hear – exactly what you have to say.

Nobody told you how to package your message so that people will pay – and pay well – to hear it.

No one told me either.

I was a successful professional in the real estate industry when I realized that I would literally DIE if I didn’t do what my soul was calling me to do.  So I left my “real” job and became a Healer. 

And wound up making about $12,000 a year.

How was I supposed to follow my calling when I had to worry about putting food on the table? 

Luckily, I didn’t have to.  I discovered a FAR MORE EFFECTIVE WAY to reach MILLIONS of people not just in my neighborhood, but around the world…without ever getting out of my PJ’s.

My income rose to well over 6 figures – and has stayed there for four years running.  All because of Virtual Speaking. 

Sounds Great…But what’s a Virtual Speaker???

A Virtual Speaker reaches a global audience through the internet, phone or video.  They share their message by creating programs and products that reach audiences through webinars, teleseminars, telesummits and radio interviews. 

A virtual speaker can be anyone who has a big message to share with the world -- a speaker, author, coach, trainer, change agent, thought leader or anyone else who knows they are here to make a GLOBAL IMPACT.  That includes:

  • Anyone who needs to work from home, from caregivers to people with mobility issues
  • Anyone who wants to add additional streams of income or grow their business
  • Anyone who is terrified to be SEEN on a live stage but driven to get their message out
  • Anyone who wants a MOBILE lifestyle where they can make money from anywhere
  • Anyone who knows deep in their gut that they HAVE TO GET THIS MESSAGE OUT TO AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE -- because it will mean a massive change for the better for the whole world!

Chances are, YOU fit into at least one of those categories.  So how do you take that calling, that desire, that need to reach people on a global scale and turn it into a sustainable 6-figure business?

That’s what I’m here to tell you about.

I discovered the SOLUTION that revolutionized my life…and will revolutionize YOUR life too!


“Prosper in Your PJ’s! Virtual Speaking Business Builder’s Bootcamp

featuring the “Be Heard by Millions Solution

This is the VERY SAME PROGRAM and SOLUTION that catapulted me to a consistent, sustainable $175,000 yearly income, plus: 

  • Multiple $50,000.00 clients who come back for more.
  • The ability to EXPONENTIALLY AND CONSISTENTLY generate well over 6 figures every year.
  • A list of thousands of people who invest in my products and programs on a regular basis.
  • The attention of high-profile people who SEEK ME OUT to speak on their stages.
  • The opportunity to share the “Virtual Stage” with people like NY Times Best Selling Authors  Sark, Dr. Bernie Siegel, Suzanne Falter Barns and Janet Atwood, Fortune 500 Entrepreneurs like Lisa Sasevich, Suzanne Evans and Ali Brown, and more… 

I’ve discovered that the more people you help, the more you grow emotionally, spiritually and financially – and the more you actually BECOME the person you were BORN TO BE.

Following these 7 Simple Steps will teach you how to build your own Virtual Speaking Business – a business that will allow work how and when you like, get your message out to a GLOBAL audience, and manifest massive amounts of moolah on your own terms! 

This magical formula will allow you to be to BE HEARD BY MILLIONS.  Once I uncovered it, the rest was herstory!    I have reached millions of people around the world with my spiritual message -- and unlocked the code to best SERVE those people in exchange for money (and lots of it)!

But don’t I need to teach PRACTICAL things – like HOW TO MAKE MONEY – to make money?

Hey, if you had told me that I would make a lot of money simply by sharing messages of healing, I might have laughed in your face.

But these 7 SIMPLE STEPS will make sure YOUR message is HEARD BY MILLIONS, whether it’s spiritual, practical or a combination of both.  So you can serve you purpose, speak your truth and profit WYLDLY from following your path.
All via the...  Prosper in Your PJ’s Virtual Speaking Home Study Program!

So…who am I and how do I know so much about Virtual Speaking?

I am Amethyst Wyldfyre, The Empress of Empowerment & Master Mentor for Empowered Messengers. 

I’ve spoken on close to 400 virtual stages since I started my virtual speaking business and created hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. 

I’ll be your Sherpa and prosperity professor, showing you step by step how to do what I did (and NOT do what I SHOULDN’T have done).

Because here’s the thing… 

You KNOW that you are being guided.

You’ve probably known it most of your life.  You know you’re meant to reach people.  But you aren’t sure how to do it. 
And of course, you don’t want to go broke doing it.  You’re REALLY READY to have multiple revenue streams functioning in your business so you can start living the life of your dreams …

That’s what I’m here to guide you toward.

The Prosper in Your PJs Virtual Speaking Home Study Program will give you the tools to get your message out to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, including: 

  • Pure, usable, do-able content -- 100% business building nectar -- complete with a community of empowered messengers to support your journey in a private online group environment. 
  • A series of seven 75-minute MP3 recorded trainings revealing the 7 steps of the Be Heard By Millions Solution™ delivered weekly to your inbox, PLUS complete transcripts. 
  • A weekly “let’s get some momentum going” assignment to help you engage with your colleagues in the private online forum.  
  • Plus, a membership in the Prosper in Your PJs Private Facebook Community where you will join other Partners in Prosperity to receive guidance, accountability and support to GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT!

Packed with additional SURPRISE BONUSES including Email Templates, Checklists, Resource Guides and contacts from my personal Rolodex, this program is the distillation of years of experience – I’m giving you what WORKS so that you don’t have to spend a ton of time, money and energy making the mistakes that I did along the way. 

Here’s what people are saying about the Prosper in Your PJ’s™ Program…


"I couldn’t believe how much of a difference having a mentor for virtual speaking made in my outreach. After completing the Prosper in Your PJs course with Amethyst, I was immediately booked for several gigs.

In fact, I had eight speaking opportunities within the first two months following the course with more on the books. People were finally reaching out and finding me. While speaking more, I grew my list by 4 times in that two month period following the course and was often praised by summit hosts as being one of the most prepared speakers they had. Of course, that just led to more referrals  During the course, I was able to build all the pieces I need to show up as a professional speaker and I actually overcame my avoidance to ASK to speak. Thank you so much, Amethyst for your wise and guided teaching.

I am now reaching the world in a much bigger way with my message!"

- Dr. Crystal D. Gifford
  The Monetization Maven

"Spirit decided I needed to work with Amethyst and so we became roommates at an event in Anaheim. I was exhilarated to have time with a coach with her talents and in such close proximity.

We bonded in a beautiful way and I felt her programs would really help me move forward with my work in the world. My first course was Prosper In Your PJ's. The way Amethyst presented the course was clear, carefully thought out and hit home in more than one way for me. As a spiritual healer, Master Teacher and author for over three decades, I had never faced money head on, in fact the idea scared me. Over the weeks of the course so many things opened and healed. The one diamond that still sparkles for me that I got from the course is understanding the idea of Spiritual Scarcity. In the past few months I have overcome my inability to charge for my services, I have added four levels onto my courses and am preparing to launch a big in-person seminar in Sedona, AZ.

I knew I was blessed when I met Amethyst, I was blessed to have chosen her to mentor me, and I am blessed still with her friendship."

- Dr. AlixSandra Parness

"On 12/12/12 the universe granted my name. The Grand Goddess of Grace and Gratitude. I do like alliteration! Also, I am clear on my message and vision. How is that for ask and you shall receive?

Lots to share but have made my checklist and visiting a possible client to ASK for start up funding. Now blessed alignment for us all this delightful day! Love from Tennessee!!"

- Lynne Waters Griffey


"My fascinating cats Judy and Puccini are celebrating my new PJ with me ! There is not one healing in which they don't support me. Am I lucky or what? Recently they keep me going and up while searching for a theme template for my website. This simple act brings so many questions up. What feeling do I want to bring over to my client? Picture or text heavy? (As an visual artist it is not easy to skip the gallery temples) Do I present myself bilingual (split in the center, top/bottom) or have an separate English and German Site?

I am becoming more in sync with my message/brand. The best part is...I am getting clearer each day. Have fun prospering in your PJ's everyone."

- Meilin Ankermann-Ehlke

"Prosper in your PJs is hands down one of the most refreshing, life changing programs out there.

When I enrolled I was drifting around not having a solid plan for financial stability. Now everything is different. I'm more confident, more creative and more energized to do the things I was meant to be doing, knowing that I'm being guided, which is a great feeling!

Amethyst is a breath of fresh air, a true guidepost in my life, with a wealth of knowledge that she is eager to share.

I highly recommend Prosper in Your PJs to anyone who wants to see positive shifts in their life and finances."

- Andy O'Bryan

Following the 7 Steps of the BE HEARD By Millions Solution™, you’ll learn how to:

Believe In Yourself – to build and have the courage to go for what you want

– to stay Enthusiastic and keep moving forward whenever you are ‘having a moment’ when you feel tripped up or stuck

Have a Clear Message
– so that your people will know what you stand for and easily be able to single you out as their GO TO PERSON for solutions

Expertify Yourself
- so You stand out in the marketplace and become known for your GREAT WORK and SOUGHT AFTER by hosts, colleagues and even the media for your opinion and point of view.

Ask for Alliances, Affiliates and
MONEY – to propel you and your business forward by creating win-win partnerships and joint ventures and to FUEL THAT ENTREPRENEURSHIP with the MONEY that will allow you to create even more great offerings and employ a team that takes you to the next level!

Ready Your Back Office
– so you can focus on getting the message out and AUTOMATE as much as possible so that your PRECIOUS TIME is spent doing the things that YOU were uniquely made to do (in my case that’s Speaking, Selling, Serving, & SUCCEEDING!)

Design Your Deliverables and Delight in the Dollars
– build programs that people REALLY want so badly that they ACT IMMEDIATELY to invest AND want to pay you for.


Still want to know more?  Here’s a complete rundown of what to expect from each module in this comprehensive, start-to-finish program:

Module 1: Introduction and BE – Logistics, Believe and Energize

In this module you will:

  • The intention for the training
  • Logistics & forum information
  • How to connect your Vision for Service & Belief that You can DO this! 
  • How to Energize to Ground the Vision & get started with the practical work
  • Helpful tips to support re-energizing throughout the training and beyond

Module 2: Have a Crystal Clear Message that Compels

In this module you will:

  • Where your clarity comes from
  • How to tap into that Source of ideas and inspiration
  • The magic in your own personal journey that is waiting to be tapped
  • Why your Heart is your best guide to discovering your mission and your message
  • The power of clarity to make a bigger impact

Module 3: Expertify Yourself – How to Claim and Communicate Your Expert Status

In this module you will:

  • How family and cultural values keep you small
  • Why wanting to avoid conflict will kill your sales & business
  • How to harness your Creative Overflow so you can profit
  • The Map of Messenger Mountain and what it takes to climb in visibility in the market place
  • The monetary value of taking a stand in the marketplace

Module 4: Art of the Ask – Creating Affiliates, Alliances, and Money

In this module you will:

  • How to build relationships – with community, colleagues and your own body of work
  • The Attractor Factor and nurturing your List
  • The importance of discernment in creating Strategic Alliances
  • Secrets for developing criteria for Alliances, Gigs, Ideal List Members & Prospects
  • The Art of Conscious Conversion – Feeling Safe & Powerful Asking For Money

Module 5: Ready Your Back Office with an A Team that has Your Back

In this module you will:

  • Witnessing a real live strategic alliance in action
  • How to master team building and selection criteria (including budgeting for your incompetence)
  • The value of Standard Operating Procedures & clear communication with your team
  • Secrets of money management online
  • Plus, you’ll receive a ton of resources including links for team platform, shopping cart, contact management, web hosting, audio storage, email templates and much much more!

Module 6: Design Your Deliverables and Delight in the Dollars

In this module you will:

  • All the secrets for opening the channel for creating content
  • How to layer deliverables like a seasoned pro
  • The importance of regulating your creative flow for maximum profitability (and sanity)
  • The most profitable methods of service delivery
  • The benefits of DESIGNING your profitable packages and programs

Module 7: Open Q&A – Who’s Ready to BE HEARD by Millions?!

In this module you will:

  • How to implement new strategies and training materials given to you throughout the process
  • Practical tips for using the techniques and ideas that emerged from the live training

Bonus #1: Complimentary membership in the Prosper in Your PJs Private Facebook Community where you join other Partners in Prosperity to receive guidance, accountability and support to GET YOUR MESSAGE OUT!

Because we know that just getting the valuable information in the Prosper in Your Pj's Virtual Speaking Business Builders Bootcamp Homestudy isn't ENOUGH! You have to actually DO something with it - we wanted to give you the additional support and a community of accountability to help you break ground on your new business model.

At the Momentum Studio, we emphasize and encourage:

  • reasonable consistent action over the long-term (not binge-purge, stop-start)
  • encouraging and affirming daily progress whether massive, moderate or miniscule
  • graceful, practical and attentive coaching to stay on track or get back on track
  • regular next-day goal and intention-setting
  • small, intimate, private community interaction, dialogue and support
  • long-term relationships cultivated and built over time
  • empowerment, responsibility, accountability, non-judgment, love and honesty

You will be attended to regularly by a Certified Prosper In Your PJs Mentor who will help you to commit to those small daily activities that will get you ready to take the Virtual Stage by storm!

Value of this bonus is $294.00

Bonus #2: Our BESTSELLING Homestudy Program for the last 2 years! Feel Safe Speaking!

For Messengers with a Blessing, Who Are Finished With Keeping Their Mouth Shut & Who Are Ready to get some Divinely Inspired Attitude,
and to Feel Safe and Confident Speaking their Truth!

Because getting yourself SET UP to speak isn't the same as ACTUALLY SPEAKING - we wanted to make sure you were FULLY EQUIPPED - INSIDE AND OUT! Confident, clear, and fully present speakers are the one's who prosper the most in the world of virtual speaking. FEAR OF PUBLIC speaking is the number one Killer of the Messenger Dream so we've packaged up the SPIRITUAL and PRACTICAL remedy to that disEase so there will be nothing to stop you from successfully speaking and sharing your message.

Here are just SOME of the Benefits you'll receive from the Feel Safe Speaking home study course


  • Surface and release some of the CORE energetic blueprint-level causes of your fears (and thereby the fears themselves)
  • Discover how to ground your energy so that you feel solid and stable in your body, your voice, the earth, and the stage
  • Create and maintain energetic boundaries & divine protection and insulation so that you are able to hold your power while speaking
  • Know how to manage being "attacked" or confronted during or after a speaking engagement
  • Activate your throat energy center so that it is strong and powerful and transmits your message with clarity
  • Get started right away to express yourself more powerfully and potently then ever before
  • Discover some of the secrets of the "Magnetic" Messenger
  • Leap into feeling (and being!) safe so you can speak up, be heard, and SERVE!
  • ...and receive a special energetic initiation/rite-of-passage for The Empowered Messenger

Value of this bonus : $497.00

But Amethyst……

  • I don’t have TIME!

You receive all the recordings and transcripts so you can proceed at your OWN pace. 

  • I don’t feel READY!

This program shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to GET READY.  

  • I’m a little strapped for CASH!

Our “Easy Beasy Payment Plan” allows you to spread your investment out over 3 affordable payments.


I’ve included the ADDED BONUS of my hugely popular “FEEL SAFE SPEAKING” home-study course as a thank you for investing TODAY!


Me too – which is why I brought in a TECHNOLOGY EXPERT to support your success in Module 5.

  • I don’t feel right TAKING MONEY FOR MY MESSAGE!

We’ll deal with eradicating that little LIE right away, so you can open the floodgates and FINALLY take in as much money as you want to create.

Are you ready to join me for this transformative journey and say goodbye to your old ways of doing things?

Are you ready to connect with other heart-centered messengers – while sharing your message with the world?

Are you ready to leverage your time, energy, and the power of the Internet to build the life & the business you desire?

With this revolutionary program you’ll discover how to:

  • Follow your heart’s message.
  • Share that message AROUND THE WORLD.
  • Finally be HEARD
  • Change lives & make a real difference.
  • Hold sacred your time and energy.
  • AND Prosper!!

So…what would you pay to be earning tens of thousands more every year, while making a bigger footprint in the world with your powerful message?

Can you even fathom the value in dollars and cents? 

Believe it or not, The Prosper in Your PJs Virtual Speaking Home Study Program is yours for just $1497 or 3 easy payments of just $555.

That includes all 7 MP3s of 75 minutes each, plus all the valuable bonuses including your MEMBERSHIP in the Prosper in Your PJs Private Facebook Community and a LIVE open Q & A call with me at the end of the course and...

Isn’t it time to start making the impact you were meant to make?

Isn’t it time for you to share your message with the world?

Isn’t it time for you to become the person you were born to be? 

I’m ready to help you get there.

Click here to order: